Thursday, October 05, 2006

The "I love the 2 Bs" competition!

How the competition works.
The first step is to print out the "I love the 2 Bs" logo. Then take a picture, with the logo somewhere in the picture. You can also add the logo in any picture using computer software (e.g. Photoshop).

There will be a prize for the best photo (as determined by the 2 Bs and Meowmie) in each of the following catagories.
(1) cat(s) and logo in picture ("real" pictures only)
(2) logo at interesting place or situation (cats not necessarily in picture, "real" pictures only)
(3) best picture produced with computer software.

You can enter as many pictures as you want.

Send all submissions to: the2bs at

I will post all pictures on this blog.

Deadline for entries: 31 Oct 2006

The prizes: I dont' know yet. It will depend on my financial status at the end of the competition. Is that vague enough?
Update: The prize will include a play cube.

Here are examples pictures.

This is an example of a picture of the logo at the Southern tip of Africa produced with Photoshop:

Mr. Grabbers also made an example with virtual Bubbles and Mrs. B at Mount Rushmore (click to biggify).

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